May 16, 2018


SORRY CONSERVATIVES: You Don't Have Free Speech On Facebook Or Twitter (Carl Szabo, 05/15/2018, Daily Caller)

Conservative groups often say "private companies should be free to conduct their operations as they see fit, without undue governmental interference." This is, of course, a fundamental tenet of conservative principles -- as is limited government. Those principles and the first amendment protect our free speech both publicly and privately.

Under these principles, Fox News can be a conservative organization, while MSNBC can cover the other end of the political spectrum. Both rightly operate without the government dictating what political views they favor. Likewise, core conservative principles would oppose Congress holding hearings and passing laws to ensure that the Drudge Report doesn't favor conservative views over liberal ones.

Unfortunately, it seems that some conservatives have forgotten their principles when it comes to social media.

Recently, several conservative groups surprisingly called for government action over what a private businesses allows on its website -- in this case, the business is Facebook.

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