April 28, 2018


Nikki Haley's unique Trump Teflon (Aaron Blake April 25, 2018, The Washington Post)

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley may have had her authority undermined last week when the White House suggested she had botched a Russia sanctions announcement. But her response to the flap appears to have made her the most popular person in the Trump administration.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Haley's approval rating at a sterling 63 percent, with 17 percent of Americans disapproving. Even Democrats approve of her 55 percent to 23 percent. [...]

Haley's trick here was she essentially called the White House a bunch of liars, avoided a rebuke from it or Trump, and still has overwhelming support among the Republican base. The Quinnipiac poll shows 75 percent of Republicans approve of her vs. 9 percent who disapprove.

And she has been here before. Before Trump tapped her as his envoy to the United Nations, the then-South Carolina governor made a name for herself in 2015 by pushing for the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds after a racially motivated massacre at a black Charleston church. That had been an issue Republicans did their best to avoid. It was also the kind of issue on which many a Republican would worry about overestimating the urgency and political importance of the moment. At the time, very few Republicans viewed the flag as being racist. But Haley marshaled support for the measure from a GOP-controlled state legislature that hadn't always trusted her, and she convinced the public that now was the time.

Opposing the Right from the right--just like the Left from the left--is the normal path to the presidency. 

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