April 13, 2018


Immigrants Become Naturalized Citizens in Hanover High Ceremony (Matt Hongoltz-Hetling , 4/13/18, Valley News)

Hanover -- Standing in a cinder-block-lined hallway, Daria Trusova held a printed copy of The Star-Spangled Banner in her hand while a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services official addressed the crowd.

"The back of that form is an immigration form," said Joshua Egli, the official. "It's the last immigration form you'll ever have to fill out."

Trusova, 28, moved to Hanover from Russia in 2015 to be with her husband, who became a citizen in 2013. She's one of 39 immigrants who came to Hanover High School to participate in a naturalization ceremony on Thursday morning. They stood in a line, waiting for a man wearing glasses to check over their green card and paperwork one last time. As each person came to the front of the line, the man made a mark next to their name on a clipboard and directed them up a flight of stairs.

Trusova's husband, Vladimir Chernov, is a math professor at Dartmouth College. All week, he'd been reminding her of the upcoming ceremony -- for the last three nights, he had sung The Star-Spangled Banner to her from the page she now held in her hand.

She worked as a dishwasher before having Ilya, her 6-month-old son. To her, America is living up to its reputation as a land of plenty.

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