March 13, 2018


GOP House Intelligence member says Russia did try to help Trump, his panel 'lost all credibility' to investigate (The Week, 3/13/18)

The U.S. intelligence community disagrees with that assessment, and said so again Monday, CNN's Erin Burnett reminded House Intelligence Committee member Tom Rooney (R-Fla.) Monday night. "They believed that the Russian intent was to hurt Hillary Clinton, but as it became clear that Donald Trump was a viable candidate, they then took it further," Burnett said. "They wanted to explicitly help Donald Trump. So you're saying you do agree?" "I believe there's evidence of everything that you just said," Rooney agreed. "But I also believe there's evidence to where they were trying to wreak havoc on both sides."

Rooney said his assertion is "not completely the opposite" of what Conaway said. "I think there were efforts to try to hurt Hillary and help Trump, but I think there was also the opposite, too," he said. Burnett asked why Republicans are wrapping up the House investigation with questions outstanding, and Rooney was frank. "We have gone completely off the rails, and now we're basically a political forum for people to leak information to drive the day's news," he said. "As you allude to, we have lost all credibility."

The Walls Are Closing In on Trump: Nunes' 'investigation' has shown Washington at its worst. It's been a pure exercise in protecting Trump, and a low point for the GOP's reputation as the party of national security. (Rick Wilson, 03.12.18, Daily Beast)

When secret agent man Devin Nunes raced to the White House to break a phony story of illegal and inappropriate surveillance from a mysterious "whistleblower," it turned out the super-secret intel he set his ass on fire to reveal came from... wait for it... the White House itself.  Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Michael Ellis, both employees of the White House, provided Nunes with top secret material outside the approved channels to push one of many of the White House's endless variations on the "no collusion--no puppet, you're the puppet" defense.

Nunes released a memo last month that tried and failed to bring the grown-ups' investigations to a halt, and to change the facts of why Carter Page and Trump campaign officials came under the baleful glare of the FISA Court. Spoiler: it wasn't the intelligence community helping Hillary Clinton. It was Trump's allies and family ass-deep in contacts, connections, communications, and coordination with Vladimir Putin's information warfare operation.  

To imagine for even one moment that every intelligence agency in this nation is wrong and that Devin Nunes, super-staffer Derek Harvey and the other partisans are right about Putin and Trump is beyond ludicrous. Harvey, a refugee from the Trump national security council purge executed by H.R. McMaster and John Kelly, is now the lead agent in the coverup by Republican members of the House. Nunes, while claiming to have recused himself, has remained deeply involved at all time in the coverup.

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