February 2, 2018


Trump and GOP Could Be Paralyzed Without a DACA Fix (A.B. Stoddard, February 02, 2018, RCP)

No one is entertaining a government shutdown over the issue, but Republicans know as soon as they pass another short-term funding bill days from now -- to a hail of scorn from lawmakers in both parties even as they vote for it -- they will have to deal with DACA this month. And if Democrats continue to vote to fund the government, instead of shutting it down, the hot potato is back in the lap of the majority party and the administration that set the March 5 deadline. 

Sen. James Lankford, a conservative who has worked on the issue for months, conceded lawmakers could not reach a unified position at the GOP retreat and he would encourage President Trump to extend the deadline. Sen. John Thune, a member of leadership, admitted Trump's sweeping plan was untenable. "I think that if we can solve DACA and border security, that may be the best we can hope for," he said, adding that the two-part plan would be a "fallback position that can pass the House, the Senate and get signed," and conceded if "other issues enter into that conversation, it gets more complicated." Sen. Marco Rubio had issued a similar warning Wednesday. 

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