February 20, 2018


Focus on Dreamers breeds resentment from other immigrants here illegally (CINDY CARCAMO and BRITTNY MEJIA, FEB 18, 2018, LA Times)

The 39-year-old put in long hours for little pay as an office manager at a clothing wholesaler. He paid his taxes and hoped that after many years of waiting, there would come an immigration reform that would grant him a pathway to becoming an American citizen. [...]

Now [Sam Paredes] watches as the White House and Congress continue to grapple and negotiate and argue -- but at least talk about -- the future of the so-called Dreamers.

"I'm very bitter. These DACA kids definitely have this sense of entitlement," Paredes said. "People fought for them and they got DACA and they got their work permit and then they went to sleep, instead of working to fight for the rest of us." [...]

[T]he focus on Dreamers has caused tension between those in the community who can qualify for DACA and those who cannot.

Alessandro Negrete, 35, was getting ready for a night out in downtown Los Angeles recently when one of his friends worried aloud about Trump taking away the protection he got from the DACA program.

Negrete, a public relations worker, was 3 months old when a smuggler carried him from Mexico into the United States. Too old now to apply to become a Dreamer, he said he cannot help but feel resentment at how much attention the plight of this one segment of the immigrant community is receiving while people like him seem to get so little.

"You think you have it hard?" he angrily told his friend. "You at least have legal status. For some people like me, my mom and some of my neighbors, we don't have [that]."

Earlier this month, Hilario Yanez, a DACA recipient and immigrant rights activist, went on the TV show "Fox & Friends" and expressed his support for Trump's legislation, stating that he believed the president has shown "leadership and compassion toward" him and other Dreamers.

"Here's a guy who wants to provide a pathway to citizenship for myself and really make a difference in my life," said Yanez, a technology analyst at Accenture Technology in Houston.

Yanez drew praise from many conservative immigration hawks -- including right-wing media outlets, such as Breitbart.

At the same time it sparked outrage in the immigrant rights movement, with some saying that Yanez embodies the extreme stereotype of entitlement among some DACA recipients.

The last generation always hates the next.

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