October 26, 2017


Nationally Recognized Hampton University Poll Places Gillespie in Gubernatorial Lead in Virginia (Hampton University, Oct. 25, 2017) 

With the 2017 Virginia election less than two weeks away, Republican nominee Ed Gillespie has an 8 percentage point lead over Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, according to a poll released today by the nationally recognized Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP).

When Virginians were asked if the election were held today, 41 percent of those surveyed would vote for Gillespie and 33 for Northam. The remaining 27 percent were undecided. The key (as in last year's presidential election) are the 27 percent of the likely voters who remain Undecided. 

The actual key is that Donald drowns out everything else and, other things being equal,  the GOP wins low turnout elections.

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