October 24, 2017


NOW WE KNOW: THE RIGHT IS AS PC AS THE LEFT : The Clive Lewis debacle has exposed the right's own snowflakeism. (BRENDAN O'NEILL, 24 OCTOBER 2017, spiked)

Alongside these drearily predictable condemnations from so-called feminists, there has also been something more surprising. Or somewhat more surprising: the right-leaning press and Twittersphere also gunning for Lewis. They transformed his camp line into headline news, branding it a 'foul-mouthed rant' (The Times) and even referring to it as 'Bitch-gate' (in the words of the Guido Fawkes blog, which, to its shame, has been at the forefront of the PC witch-hunt against Lewis). A rant? A gate? Something for which the whip ought to be removed from Lewis, in the words of Tory MP Anna Soubry? This is ridiculous - but it is also incredibly and usefully revealing.

It confirms something many of us already suspected. Which is that the right, including the supposedly edgier, even 'alt' right, is as PC, as easily offended, as given to shouting 'You Can't Say That!', as anyone on the virtual left. The right likes to rail against the speech-policing and puritanical antics of the new left, whether it's the No Platforming of edgy speakers by posh, uptight, supposedly leftie students or the new feminism's suspicion of everything from laddish banter to saucy adverts on the Tube. Yet when it comes down to it, really down to it, the right is as allergic to daring or jokey speech and to free-wheeling interactions between the sexes as any starched bore on the new left is.

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