October 21, 2017


Hey, Virginia! You've got a governor to elect in three weeks! (Marc Fisher October 15, 2017, Washington Post)

As the nation's only competitive statewide contest this year, the Virginia race has been viewed by people in the politics business as a crucial bellwether, an early measure of whether voters are motivated to push back against an unpopular president or double down on their drive to disrupt Washington and "drain the swamp."

But far fewer Virginia voters are closely following the campaign than at similar stages in the past three gubernatorial elections, according to Washington Post polling.

Even those who might be assumed to be searching for a way to send a message about a president they consider inept or dangerous say they are paying little attention to the Virginia race.

Martin Cox, who works for a defense contractor in Leesburg, is a steady Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton last fall and considers Trump "bombastic and noisy." Cox, 35, usually follows campaigns for governor closely, taking weekend time to thoroughly research the candidates' views.

Not this year.

"Given Trump's penchant for sucking the air out of the room, this election could be a way to send a message that he needs to start listening to all sides and tone down the way he speaks," Cox said. "But I haven't really heard much about the candidates and I haven't done my research. When I look at the news now, it's about Trump saying the latest crazy thing, and that's where the attention focuses."

It's how he won the Republican primaries--he was, in effect, the only one running.

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