October 3, 2017


Evidence Mounts that White House Anticipates Damaging Results from Russia Investigation (Ryan Goodman, October 3, 2017, LawFare)

1. Trump and Kushner rejected White House Counsel's advice on protocols to avoid coordinating stories on Russia investigation; White House Counsel contemplated resigning 

White House Counsel Don McGahn had to be talked out of resigning by other White House officials, the Wall Street Journal's Peter Nicholas, Michael C. Bender and Rebecca Ballhaus reported on Friday. White House officials were concerned that McGahn would resign because the President Trump and Jared Kushner would not follow protocols, as he had advised, to avoid meetings that "could be construed by investigators as an effort to coordinate their stories, three people familiar [with] the matter said."

It would likely take a significant infraction for the administration's senior lawyer to veer toward resignation. It is also revealing that Trump and Kushner would defy the White House Counsel's advice to take steps to ensure against coordination or even the appearance of coordination of their stories involving the Russia investigation. On the one hand, perhaps the two thought they had nothing to hide. On the other hand, if they had nothing to hide then why risk legal exposure for potentially coordinating stories and why risk the relationship with McGahn? [...]

4. Kushner may have advised Trump to appease Republican Senators in case the Russia investigation goes south

Kushner reportedly advised his father-in-law to back Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary, HuffPost's Vicky Ward reported. One of the reasons may have been shore up support from the Republican leaders in the Senate. "He's going to need them if things go south in the Russia investigation," a Bannon ally told Ward.

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