October 19, 2017


This Game Changing Product Is Invisible And Coming To A Store Near You (Michael Pellman Rowland , 10/19/17, Forbes)

Apeel's approach is to essentially use food to protect and preserve other food. Apeel extracts natural oils that are found in the peels and skins of all fruits and vegetables to make Edipeel--a rinse that fresh food shippers and retailers can use to add a little more 'peel' to harvested produce. This layer helps to keep water from leaking out and oxygen from seeping in, two of the biggest factors that lead to spoilage.

The startup has so far developed Edipeel products for three dozen crops, including avocados, asparagus, peaches, lemons, pears, and nectarines. It manages to remain free from contaminants by using a seven-step filtration process to kill off pesticides. The result is produce stays fresh longer, dramatically extending the time and shipping radius for fresh food producers, which reduces food and water waste across the food supply chain. Edipeel is now approved and available for USDA Organic and traditional produce, and the company is gearing up to roll out with partners globally.

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