September 11, 2017


Panel Repeats N.H. Fraud Claim (David Weigel, 9/08/17, The Washington Post)

"If 59.2 percent or more of them went for (Democratic Sen. Maggie) Hassan, then the election was stolen through voter fraud," Kobach wrote in a column for Breitbart News. "That's likely, since the surrounding states are Democrat (sic) strongholds."

Kobach apparently made no attempt to contact voters who'd cast ballots but held out-of-state IDs. On Thursday night, The Washington Post asked voters who'd done so to tell their stories; three did so within 60 minutes. The three were college students who were living in New Hampshire but did not change their licenses.

Patrick Derenze, 22, said that he voted with a New York ID, and was unaware of any New Hampshire law that required voters to change their licenses after voting.

"I was a student at Saint Anselm College in Manchester until I graduated this past May, and because I spent most of my time in the state I felt it was right I vote there instead of my native state of New York," Derenze said.

Alexander Rounaghi, 19, used his California ID to vote while studying at Dartmouth College. "I lived in New Hampshire then, and I'll live there again when I'm back from summer vacation," he explained.

Jonah Cohen, 20, also was studying at Dartmouth when he used his New York ID to vote in New Hampshire's 2016 election. "I've since transferred to Columbia, so I won't be voting in New Hampshire anymore, but I haven't changed my registration yet," he explained. "I did not end up getting a New Hampshire license, but I never needed one to vote."

It's possible that thousands of other New Hampshire college students voted the same way; the ability of temporary residents to swing close elections has been controversial in the state for years, as Democrats go through the same biennial battle to drive up turnout on campuses.

"Apparently, Kobach is saying that voting should be limited to people who drive cars," said David Becker, director of the Center for Election Innovation. "He's basically saying Bill Gardner, New Hampshire's secretary of state -- his colleague -- is incompetent. And he's doing it without a basis."

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