August 6, 2017


Rouhani uses inauguration to send message of moderation (Ali Hashem, August 6, 2017, Al Monitor)

"On behalf of the Iranian people and authorities, I explicitly announce that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not start violating the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] but will not remain quiet against the United States' continuing to wriggle out of its commitments," said Rouhani, who addressed Trump without naming him. "We have no business with novice politicians, but we announce to those more experienced that the process of the JCPOA can be used as a model for relations and international law."

Rouhani explained that his government is a peace-seeking administration in domestic and foreign affairs and prefers peace over war and reform over the status quo. He said, "We stretch a hand of friendship to our neighboring countries."

While three of the six Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] countries were present at the ceremony -- the aforementioned Kuwait, Oman and Qatar -- the remaining three GCC members -- mainly Saudi Arabia -- were nonetheless indirectly present in Rouhani's speech. When Rouhani noted that "foreign powers intensify instability and chaos in the region by selling billions of dollars of weapons," he implied that there are no real problems among the region's states and all that is happening is because of foreign hands. It was significant that Rouhani preserved a moderate rhetoric in tackling regional issues; even when he spoke of Syria and Yemen, he clearly indicated that the war on terror should continue, yet the best tool to combat terrorism is democratic governance -- a message that could have several meanings. He also stressed that intra-Syrian dialogue and similarly dialogue between the parties in Yemen are the only way out of those crises.

War against the salafi and democratization of the Middle East is our shared commitment.

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