August 25, 2017


Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz and Dan Patrick's Obsession with George Soros is Weird and Kind of Dangerous : Texas politicians share their Soros obsession with some of the country's most cartoonish lunatics, like Alex Jones. (Christopher Hooks, 8/02/17, Texas Monthly)

Conservatives have long hated Soros. But lately there's been an absolute deluge. You may not be aware of this, because Texas Republicans have confined most of their whinging to the backchannels where they communicate with the most diehard members of their base. If you receive the emails that Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and Ted Cruz send to their fans, your email inbox is now awash in his name.

Cruz tells his supporters that the son of the "notorious" Soros has given a few thousand dollars to his opponent, fearfully offering that "the partnership between Beto O'Rourke and the billionaire Soros family won't be easy to overcome," and adding in another email that the Soros family had gone "ALL IN" on knocking off Ted. Patrick feels he's the bigger target, emphasizing that he's been made "Public Enemy #1" by the Soros Machine, who is "putting a big spotlight on my race for re-election" and "will invest millions in Texas to try to defeat me." In February, the Harris County Republican Party took a page from tinpot dictators around the world and told its faithful that angry protesters at Republican town halls were being paid by Soros. [...]

All of this barely raises an eyebrow from political observers. Yet these serious politicians share their Soros obsession with some of the country's most cartoonish lunatics. Alex Jones recently told a jury at his child custody trial that Soros was behind a plot to make weed stronger as a population-control device. Alt-righter Augustus Sol Invictus (that's Latin for Majestic Unconquered Sun, mind you) led a rally in Austin with a chant of "Death to Soros." Meanwhile, one of the president's top allies, Roger Stone, is telling everyone he can that Soros is personally orchestrating a burgeoning deep-state coup to dethrone the president.

Abbott and friends don't actually fear Soros, of course. They're capitalizing on a pre-existing hatred of the man. Soros is certainly an influential figure on the world stage, and he donates money to many liberal causes. But his expenditures in Texas are insignificant compared to the ocean of money that's come from other billionaires and millionaires over the years -- the Wilks brothers, the late Bob Perry, Jeff Sandefer, Tim Dunn and others -- and they exercise a far greater influence over policy and politics.

No other liberal donors have achieved the same level of hatred, either. Tom Steyer spent $87 million during the presidential election and hardly anyone knows his name. Let's set aside any consideration of whether Soros' influence is bad or good. There's clearly something about the man that engenders an unusually deep level of hatred and fear, something that grants the symbol of Soros special power and has been burned into people's brains in a way that enables Abbott to build a fundraising strategy around it.

Let's speak plainly: A very substantial part of Soros' power as a scapegoat is that he's a Jew. 

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