August 24, 2017


New Study: Leave Our National Monuments Alone : The people have spoken. In a study released Tuesday, over 99 percent of people said they support the 27 monuments up for review. President Donald Trump, are you listening (Christopher Solomon, Aug 23, 2017, Outside)

More than 99.2 percent of the people who commented on President Donald Trump's national-monuments review were in complete agreement: Leave the monuments alone.

That's the stunning result of a detailed new survey on the comments that the federal government solicited after Trump issued an executive order earlier this year to revisit the status of 27 national monuments.

The evidence of this tidal wave of support comes a day before Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is scheduled to make a recommendation to Trump on the fate of the monuments. Many expect Zinke to suggest that one, and possibly several, be greatly reduced in size or even removed.

Trump issued an executive order in April calling for a review of larger monuments that were created or expanded since 1996 under the 1906 Antiquities Act. One purpose of his order, he said, was to give the public more voice in the future of these lands--despite the fact that many of the monuments were already the result of years of discussion and collaboration. 

Now, that voice has spoken, loudly: more than 2.8 million people and groups commented in just two months. 

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