August 15, 2017


Democracy Promotion May no Longer be a US Objective Under Trump Administration : Tillerson proposed removing democracy as a US foreign policy objective because that reflects the Trump's "America first" agenda, argues Mark Habeeb, 8/14/17, Middle East Online)

On August 1, the Washington Post obtained an internal State Department e-mail that discussed a new "mission statement" for the department. The new wording was essentially identical to the department's existing mission statement except for one detail: In describing the objectives of US foreign policy and the State Department's work, it made no reference to the promotion of democracy.

Elliott Abrams, who served under former President George W. Bush as deputy national security adviser, told the Post: "We used to want a just and democratic world and now apparently we don't."

Tom Malinowski, who served as assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labour during the Obama administration, said: "It's a worldview similar to that of Putin, who also thinks that great powers should focus exclusively on self-protection and enrichment, rather than promoting democracy."

Washington-based NGOs that support democracy promotion, such as the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), raised alarms about the reported change. POMED Executive Director Stephen McInerney issued a statement saying: "Changing policy in that way would not only be antithetical to basic American ideals but would also benefit autocratic regimes and jeopardise US security... we urge [the State Department] to retain and reaffirm US commitments to justice and democracy."

The simplest explanation for why Tillerson would propose removing of democracy as an objective of US foreign policy is that it reflects the Trump administration's overall "America first" agenda and, more specifically, the agenda of the administration's ideological guru, White House adviser Stephen Bannon. He was the driving force behind Trump's proposed "travel ban" that targeted Muslims and Arabs and described French politician Marion Maréchal-Le Pen as "the new rising star."

Given that it is mainly Asian, Hispanic, Muslim and African states that are still catching up, is it any surprise that a racist administration wants them controlled by dictators?

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