August 1, 2017


Ron Swanson's Lesson in Property Rights (Joy Buchanan, July 31, 2017, FEE)

When a local school takes a field trip to city hall on an episode of the show Parks & Recreation, Ron Swanson, a freedom-loving curmudgeon who works for the local government, meets a 9-year-old girl named Lauren. He is uninterested in engaging with her, until he learns that she's writing an essay on why government matters.

Wanting to help her, Ron begins with a lesson in property.

"This is your lunch," Ron says to Lauren as he empties her lunchbox onto the table. "Now, you should be able to do whatever you want to with this, right?" Lauren nods.

"... But here I come, the government," Ron says, picking up her sandwich and chomping into it. "And I get to take 40% of your lunch," he says as he shoves a handful of her chips into his mouth and washes it all down with a slurp from her juice box.

"And that, Lauren, is how taxes work," Ron concludes. "That's not fair!" Lauren protests.

The hilarious scene ends when Ron gives the girl a landmine as a parting gift to protect her property.

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