July 19, 2017


America's Real Enemy: The Salafi-Jihadi Movement (AEI, 7/19/17)

While the recent victory in Mosul has been hailed as a crucial milestone in the fight against ISIS, AEI Research Fellow and al Qaeda expert Katherine Zimmerman explains in a new report how US policymakers are pursuing the wrong strategy by focusing on military victories against specific groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda.

Among her key points:

1.The United States is losing the war on terror because it has misdefined the enemy. The Trump administration is continuing and accelerating the flawed strategy of the Obama administration, which defined the enemy too narrowly. An effective strategy should not focus on retaking Mosul and Raqqa and killing ISIS and al Qaeda leaders plotting attacks against the United States.

2.The Salafi-jihadi movement is the real enemy of the United States. While this movement is inherently global and includes both ISIS and al Qaeda, it does not encompass all Muslims or Islam. Its goal is to destroy current Muslim societies as they are today and replace them with an Islamic caliphate through force. It also aims to attack and either subjugate or destroy the US and the West.

The Sa'uds and other anti-democrats are the enemy.
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