July 27, 2017


Time, not material goods, 'raises happiness' (Helen Briggs, 7/25/17, BBC News)

In an experiment, individuals reported greater happiness if they used £30 ($40) to save time - such as by paying for chores to be done - rather than spending the money on material goods.

Psychologists say stress over lack of time causes lower well-being and contributes to anxiety and insomnia. [...]

Rising incomes in many countries has led to a new phenomenon. From Germany to the US, people report "time famine", where they get stressed over the daily demands on their time.

Psychologists in the US, Canada and the Netherlands set out to test whether money can increase happiness levels by freeing up time.

And the biggest "problem" we face is that the ability to create ever greater wealth with ever less work is going to grant us ever more free time.  Essentially, we fear happiness. Only natural for a Puritan Nation.

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