July 9, 2017

MILEAGE MAY VARY (self-reference alert):

To Test Your Fake News Judgment, Play This Game (TENNESSEE WATSON, 7/03/17, Wyoming Public Radio)

Fake news has been on Maggie Farley's mind further back than 2016 when President Trump brought the term into the vernacular.

Farley, a veteran journalist, says we've had fake news forever and that "people have always been trying to manipulate information for their own ends," but she calls what we're seeing now "Fake news with a capital F." In other words, extreme in its ambition for financial gain or political power.

"Before, the biggest concern was, 'Are people being confused by opinion; are people being tricked by spin?' " Now, Farley says, the stakes are much higher.

So one day she says an idea came to her: build a game to test users' ability to detect fake news from real.

VoilĂ , Factitious. Give it a shot. (And take it from us, it's not as easy as you might think!)

We don't bother much with the fake news sites (like Breitbart), so it took a round to get the tenor of the genre.  But once you do your score should improve pretty quickly in successive rounds.

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