July 22, 2017


Beginning With Silence (Glenn Arbery, 7/21/17, Imaginative Conservative)

In the heart is the desert, and as Cardinal Sarah says,

"The desert teaches us to fight against evil and all our evil inclinations so as to regain our dignity as children of God. It is impossible to enter into the mystery of God without entering into the solitude and silence of our interior desert... The desert leads to silence, and silence draws a person into the most profound intimacy with God."

A new Catholic culture begins in this silence--at first, perhaps, with hope alone, as in the corrupt society of the late Roman Empire. "The remaking of an old culture by the birth of a new hope was not the conscious aim of the Christians themselves," writes Christopher Dawson. "They tended, like St. Cyprian, to believe that the world was growing old, that the empire was irremediably pagan and that some world catastrophe was imminent. Nevertheless they lived in a spiritual atmosphere of hope, and this atmosphere gradually spread until the climate of the world was changed."

What we do at Wyoming Catholic College begins in the silence of the wilderness and grows in the atmosphere of hope. The more silence can become a way of life in this noisy age, the more a new culture will radiate from its blessings.

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