July 30, 2017


The Conservative Media's Role in Trumpcare's Flameout (Steven Waldman, July 29, 2017, Washinton Monthly)

For years now, the base of the GOP has been told over and over again that:

A) Obamacare was destroying America and must therefore be completely repealed

B) That the GOP replacement plan would lower premiums and deductibles

C) This could all be done without having tradeoffs such as tyrannical mandates or taxes

D) The Democrats were so incompetent that it would be easy to come up with something better

E) Democrats were so evil that working with them on a solution would be cause for excommunication, and

F) the most important goal was being able to say that Obamacare was repealed. [...]

Finally, they believed their own propaganda about Obamacare imploding.

Meanwhile, the reality has remained unchanged for all these years: the GOP will reform it, not repeal it, and the reforms will reduce choice and make coverage more universal.

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