July 29, 2017


It's time to recognise the truth - a trade deal with India means concessions on immigration (MANOJ LADWA, 7/29/17, New Statesman)

India is rightly one of the UK's top targets for bilateral trade; it is one of the largest markets in the world with over 1.25 billion citizens. Bilateral trade and investment is strong, and more than 800 Indian companies in the UK add an estimated £26 billion to our economy and support over 110,000 jobs, according to a Grant Thornton report.

There is a great relationship between the oldest democracy in the world and the largest democracy in the world. Brexit will not drive a wedge between them.

But bilateral relationships consist of more than equity and trading volume. They are about allowing trade to transform the two countries so that they can tackle different challenges together.

Deepening this relationship takes dedication, huge investments of time and several factors in common - including defence and security, science and research objectives, digital skills, and other shared endeavours.

India and the UK have great scope for much of this. The UK has highly enviable research bases, a shared interest in India's fast-growth technology centres and a large number of joint defence operations with the Indian Army. 

It goes without saying that there would have to be concessions made on the freedom of movement if the UK and India are going to negotiate constructively.

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