July 6, 2017


Global Britain inching towards an 'emerging Anglosphere' post- Brexit (Andrew Mycock & Ben Wellings, May 18, 2017, Business Standard)

[T]he Anglosphere is the other side of the Brexit coin. But what is this novel ideology, which rose to prominence during the Brexit referendum? Where did it come from, and how will it affect Australia?

The origins of the Anglosphere concept were first presented in the late 19th century.

Imperial federation was proposed as an alternative to growing instability within the British Empire and growing competition from external rivals (not least the US).

However, although having some influential friends such as one of Australia's founding fathers, Alfred Deakin, the proposition lacked sufficient precision in terms of its form and purpose. The dream faded.

Nevertheless, the concept of the "English-speaking peoples" was not totally dead. Brief periods of political support manifested but quickly passed, particularly in pivotal moments of change.

During the second world war, and as the UK prepared to "abandon" its empire and join the European Economic Community, support for the English-speaking peoples as a political community was strengthened.

More recently, the Anglosphere has been advanced by an influential international alliance of predominantly conservative politicians, commentators and public intellectuals. This loose grouping shares an insurgent ideological and geopolitical agenda that informs ambitions for an alternative world order, including Britain's withdrawal from the EU and the EU's eventual collapse.

During the Brexit referendum, senior politicians in the "Leave" campaign - such as Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, Daniel Hannan, and David Davis - also made explicit reference to the potential of the Anglosphere.

India, Israel elevate their ties to strategic partnership (Indrani Bagchi, Jul 6, 2017, Times of India)

 India and Israel elevated their ties to a strategic partnership+ as India identified Israel as a major development and technological partner after Prime Minister Narendra Modi+ finished official discussions with his counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu here yesterday.

A joint statement+ issued at the end of the talks said, "This historic first-ever visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Israel solidified the enduring friendship between their peoples and raised the bilateral relationship to that of a strategic partnership." But the discussions, according to sources went much beyond the official. Both men obviously found a personal connect -- Modi invited Netanyahu and his family to India. Abandoning diplomatic niceties, Netanyahu jumped in with "I accept."

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