June 20, 2017


Trump's Renewed Russia Sanctions Look A Lot Like Obama's (ROBBIE GRAMER, JUNE 20, 2017, Foreign Policy)

"It looks like a list that would have come out under the last administration," said Sean Kane, an international trade and sanctions expert at Hughes Hubbard & Reed law firm.

And the timing couldn't be better. For starters, they're in the wake of the European Union's new agreement to extend sanctions against Russia for another year, signaling transatlantic solidarity -- something that appears to be a rare commodity in the Trump era.

The new measures also come a week after the Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass another round of sanctions against Russia, a strong check against what was widely seen as Trump's plans to soften Washington's stance toward the Kremlin. They also come on the same day Russia is trying to price its new bond issuance, which could scuttle Moscow's plans to breath new life into its anemic economy.

As diplomatic icing on the cake, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visited Washington Tuesday on the heels of the announcement, signaling the Trump administration's willingness to back Kiev after growing fears it'd sell out the government there for some form of grand bargain with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Always bet on the Deep State.

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