June 5, 2017


Is there Genius and Power in Covfefe? (David Danford| June 3, 2017, American Greatness)

Here's a bold claim: President Trump's "covfefe" tweet was a genius move that is a very powerful demonstration of his ability to persuade. I know, I know--it sounds crazy. But hear me out; what do you have to lose? Consider this a whimsical thought experiment to counter the ill effects of consuming too much of the fake news out there.

The case for the genius and power of covfefe begins with the question of whether the tweet might be  intentional. Recent revelations―that "covfefe" might actually be a phonetic spelling of an Arabic word meaning "I will stand up" (spelled "c-o-v f-e-'-f-e" if you use Google Translate)―suggest it might be. Of course, Arabic and English do not share a common alphabet and Arabic has many dialects, so there is a high probability of a bad translation either way.

Skeptics (and fierce anti-Trumpers) will argue that no Arabic speaker would say this strictly translates, and this may be true. But that is hardly relevant. If Trump is signaling, it probably is not to Arabic speakers writ large, in which case a version translatable by Google is sufficient even if intellectuals sneer at the linguistic prowess of "stupid" Trump supporters.

The fact remains:  Either it was intentional or it was an intensely strange and coincidental mistake.

The common interpretation appears to be that Trump, whether because of  incompetence, exhaustion, or ill-health, was trying to type the word coverage when he wrote covfefe. Even if you don't assume Trump is a moron, this is possible as it was an early morning tweet and Trump is in his seventies.


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