June 28, 2017


Who's afraid of Trump? Not enough Republicans -- at least for now. (Philip Rucker, Robert Costa and Ashley Parker June 27, 2017, Washington Post)

Scrambling to line up support for the Republican health-care bill, President Trump got on the phone Monday with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and urged him to back the measure.

The president's personal plea was not enough. On Tuesday, Lee said he would vote against the bill. Senate GOP leaders later postponed the planned health-care vote because too many other Republican senators also opposed -- for now, at least -- legislation that would deliver on Trump's campaign promise to scale back the law known as Obamacare.

Trump had hoped for a swift and easy win on health care this week. Instead he got a delay and a return to the negotiating table -- the latest reminder of the limits of his power to shape outcomes at the opposite end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

History suggests that presidents who have governed successfully have been both revered and feared. But Republican fixtures in Washington are beginning to conclude that Trump may be neither, despite his mix of bravado, threats and efforts to schmooze with GOP lawmakers.

Donald's problem was obvious on Election Day, when he not only ran behind JHillary but behind the GOP downticket.  He needs them; they don't need him.

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