May 17, 2017


Robert Mueller appointed special counsel to oversee probe into Russia's interference in 2016 election (MIKE LEVINE ADAM KELSEY  May 17, 2017, ABC)

"Special Counsel Mueller will have all appropriate resources to conduct a thorough and complete investigation, and I am confident that he will follow the facts, apply the law and reach a just result," said Rosenstein in the statement.

Justice Department officials were in touch with Mueller within days of the firing of FBI Director James Comey last week. Comey confirmed in March that the bureau was actively investigating Russian influence and collusion with the Trump campaign.

As special counsel, Mueller can be expected to have the full powers and independent authority to exercise all investigative and prosecutorial functions of any United States attorney. These powers include the ability to take matters before a grand jury, issue subpoenas and assign federal agents to the case.

The White House was informed of the decision an hour before it was publicly announced Wednesday. Administration officials have previously said that they see no need for a special counsel. On Monday, White House Press secretary Sean Spicer said the investigations led by committees in the House and Senate, plus the FBI, were sufficient.

"I don't know why you need additional resources when you already have three entities," said Spicer.

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