May 8, 2017


CHELSEA CLINTON'S DREAM DINNER PARTY (Josh Lieb, May 7, 2017, The New Yorker)

You're organizing a literary dinner party. Which three writers, dead or alive, do you invite?

James Baldwin, Shakespeare, Franz Kafka. If I could have three more, at this moment in time, I would choose Albert Camus, Jane Jacobs and Jane Austen. With our group of five or eight (I'd invite my husband too), we would talk about the questions each author grappled with--the balance between social responsibility and individual freedom, and how people and communities can evolve to be more inclusive, more kind, have a greater and broader sense of solidarity, while still respecting individual liberties; what provokes or blocks those changes; and what stories might resonate today to encourage us toward kindness, respect and mutual dignity. And, I'd be tempted to ask Frederick Douglass and Jesus Christ to tea to ask similar questions. --New York Times Book Review

chelsea clinton: Is everyone comfy? Got something to nosh on? Jane, would you like to try a quinoa empanada? They're sustainably sourced.

jane austen: I do not know what any of those words mean. [...]
james baldwin: Well, this is embarrassing.

clinton: What is?

baldwin: For a devout atheist to be given such visceral proof that Hell is real.

clinton: You're not in Hell, silly! This is my dining room. That's my china. Those are my chef's heirloom-zucchini "meat" balls.

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