April 23, 2017


What matters most to Iranians in presidential vote? : As campaigning gets under way, Al Jazeera speaks with six Iranian voters about their views on the upcoming election. (Megan O'Toole, 4/23/17, Al Jazeera)

As the contenders officially begin their campaigns, Al Jazeera spoke with a variety of Iranian voters about their views on the upcoming election and what issues the next president should prioritise.

Saman Jamshidi   Educational supervisor and financial adviser, 36

The country is not in a very stable situation politically, and the election of a conservative extremist could damage the present situation even more. That's my biggest worry right now, although I don't think that's a very likely thing to happen.

I don't think it would be good to change the president right now. In politics, things take a long time to show the results. It's been two years since the nuclear agreement, and as a person who is educated, I think it takes at least half a decade for the sanctions - which were in place for more than a decade - to reverse. [...]

Sheida Heidarian   PhD biotechnology student, 26

The priority for the next president should be the future and employment of young people. This will determine whether students can get a good position and contribute to society under the next government. [...]

Fatimeh Sharifi   Student, 19

Right now, the economic situation is the most important issue to consider in the election.

With the current situation, particularly in my field of study - exploring techniques for helping people with hearing problems - getting a job after school ends is a difficult prospect.

Iran's international relationships with other countries should also be further developed and improved. The better foreign relations it has, the more investment we may get in various fields of study, and this would give students a better chance of finding a job.

Mike Pence should visit after the election.
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