April 26, 2017


Bluster Followed By Surrender: Is This Another Trump Pattern? (Nancy LeTourneau, April 26, 2017, Washington Monthly)

It looks like the White House has conceded on their demand that the must-pass spending bill include a down-payment on Trump's border wall, leading Josh Marshall to call it "abject surrender." He goes on to point out that this has happened before.

This does fit the pattern with the earlier Obamacare repeal debacle - aggressive stance, bluster, confidence followed by abject surrender.

We've seen this in other situations as well. After railing against Mexico on the campaign trail, Trump's visit with the president of that country was described as "subdued." We saw the same thing with China. No country other than Mexico was the subject of such harsh rhetoric up until Trump met with President Xi at Mar-a-Lago. All of the sudden they developed a "warm rapport."

The only president whose surrenders have better served America was Jefferson Davis.

Trump, Act 1: All Drama, No Action (Mark Salter, 4/26/17, RCP)

Obamacare is still with us. The North American Free Trade Agreement still governs our trade relations with Mexico and Canada. No ground has been broken on a Trump-branded infrastructure project. Trump's steep budget cuts are mostly non-starters in Congress. Not a dollar has been appropriated for his border wall, which is going to be a fence if it's ever built at all, will still cost tens of billions, won't cover the entire border, will be tied up in lawsuits from landowners, and won't be paid for by Mexico now or ever.

Overseas, China is no longer a currency manipulator, and President Xi Jinping--America's archenemy according to Candidate Trump--is now President Trump's best friend forever. NATO is no longer obsolete. The European Union muddles along. The Kremlin is still suffering economic sanctions imposed by the West. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is, thankfully, de facto leader of the free world.

Ethno-nationalism, Trumpism, Breitbartism, whatever you want to call it, may have crested with Trump's election. It was defeated at the polls in the Netherlands and now probably in France, where centrist Emmanuel Macron should handily defeat the national socialist, Putin vassal and Trump enthusiast, Marine Le Pen.

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