April 9, 2017


Insurance is Driving Physicians Mad; Nearly Half Now Say They'd Prefer Single-Payer (Beth Kutscher, 3/30/17, LinkedIn)

The reasons that patients delay care until they can't wait any longer are complex. But a barrier doctors said they consistently see is a fragmented system: People either don't have health insurance or can't find a doctor who accepts their coverage.

The physician sentiment comes as Congress is locked in a debate about what to do about the Affordable Care Act. Republicans in the House last week pulled a bill that would have significantly altered the insurance landscape.

But for many physicians, the issue comes down to efficiency. In their responses, they cited the administrative hassle of working with multiple insurance companies, each with its own rules and billing procedures. And they pointed to some of the less visible costs, like patients who bounce from one healthcare provider to another as their health plans change.

A total of 48% of physicians said they would be in favor of single-payer healthcare, while 32% were opposed and 21% said they didn't know.

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