April 21, 2017


Trump legal tab: $4 million and rising : A trail of legal cases stemming from his unconventional campaign still dogs the president months after the election. (KENNETH P. VOGEL, 04/20/17, Politico)

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to pay the legal bills of supporters who beat up protesters at his rallies, but a POLITICO analysis found that Trump's campaign hasn't always paid its own legal bills in a timely or transparent fashion.

The analysis of court and campaign filings found that Trump's campaign committee is still spending heavily to defend against ongoing civil lawsuits alleging assault, incitement, threats and other illegal behavior by the president, his supporters and staff. But in at least four ongoing cases, Trump's campaign had yet to make a publicly disclosed payment to the law firms representing it, paid months late or paid in tiny amounts that don't appear commensurate with the amount of work performed by the firms.

...the main narrative about 2016 is that Donald capitalized on poor whites who think the wealthy Establishment is taking them for a ride, so it's fun to see them pay his legal bills, or at least the ones he does pay....
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