March 26, 2017


With no emerging leaders, no clear message, Democrats flounder (KRISTIN TATE, 03/23/17, The Hill)

No one will admit it in the aftermath of the sweeping victories that year, but the Democratic bench was thin in 2008. So thin, in fact, that it chose a backbencher with no resume for its nomination. It's even worse now.

It's so much worse that even former Speaker of the House and current Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can't tell you who the leader of the party is. It was clear last year that Hillary Clinton didn't seal the deal with the progressive and corporatist wings of the Democratic Party. In her own inauthentic way, she tried to win them both over -- and got neither.

In particular, supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will not abide any centrist steps for the party. Running as an openly avowed Socialist, Sanders changed the paradigm. His supporters have been out for blood since they learned that the DNC unfairly "rigged" the primaries in Clinton's favor, and waged a costly fratricide over the choice of the new DNC Chair. Vox, the mouthpiece of the Beltway bubble, said the fight happened when "Democrats need it least." Some even left the party for the Democratic Socialist Party; its membership recently tripled.

The GOP has its divisions, to be sure. However, they are relatively unified on the larger points. Democrats have been forced to call up the reserves, leaving has-beens such as Nancy Pelosi and not-quite-ready for primetime Chuck Schumer as the party faces. There's no credible leader to bridge the gap between the progressives and the left-leaning centrists.

Making it worse is that the Democrats so mishandled and neglected elections outside of California that they have no farm team. The national Democrats are out of prospects. It's obvious. With few exceptions (Cory Booker and Julian Castro are the only two who come to mind), the leading Democrats have several things in common: they are white and old. How old? In the House, they are an average of 64 years old, over a decade more than Republicans.

The Republicans put up 17 presidential candidates last year, including two Latinos, a female CEO, and a famous black neurosurgeon. The Democrats? That might be better left unsaid.

Their only interests are to enable as many abortions and preserve as much of the Second Way (defined benefit) welfare state as they can.

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