March 14, 2017


How Hamas is winning hearts and minds in Europe : Via conferences and hierarchies of Muslim Brotherhood, Gaza-based Islamist terror group building global infrastructure to challenge PLO's standing as Palestinians' sole legitimate representative (Avi Issacharoff, 3/14/17,  The Times of Israel)

At the end of February, in Istanbul, the Palestinians Abroad Conference convened with the purported goal of promoting global support for the Palestinians. Its actual purpose was to bolster the status of Hamas in the international arena.

Many of the organizers of the conference, which was attended by thousands of Arabs and Palestinians from all over the world, are of Palestinian origin. But to those who closely followed what happened in Istanbul, it became clear that many of the organizers and attendees had something else in common: they are known to have been members -- for decades -- of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated networks all over Europe.

This was not the first conference of its kind. Many like it have taken place in recent years. Many of the same faces are present -- including current and past members of the Muslim Brotherhood, at a more or less official level, and current and past members of Hamas.

Their shared goal is to promote international legitimacy for Hamas -- in Europe, Africa, the Middle East (of course) and even in Latin America -- in a bid to challenge the PLO's international standing as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

Hamas, in this way, is slowly but surely establishing a global infrastructure of supporters who are providing not only encouragement and legitimacy, but also quite a bit of financial assistance.

Tracing the outlines of this infrastructure lends some surprising insights. For example, Britain turns out to be hosting more of this semi-official activity by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood than any other country in Europe.

No one knows better than the Brits that the End of History requires decolonization.

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