March 27, 2017


Clean Energy May Have Turned a Corner (David G. Victor, 3/26/17 The Washington Post)

A growing array of evidence suggests that twists and turns at the federal level won't automatically change how U.S. firms behave. The Trump administration may roll back U.S. regulations on clean power and on methane leaks from oil and gas operations, for example, but many states already have their rules in place, and the courts will likely halt some of Trump's most ambitious rollbacks.

Indeed, the states such as California and New York that account for most of the nation's economic growth -- and thus most of the innovation and technology and policy -- are the bluest politically and poised to do even more to cut emissions.

Here's the good news: New analysis in a World Economic Forum (WEF) report argues that global efforts to promote clean energy have turned a corner. And the energy needed to produce a unit of economic output continues to drop.

Some of these patterns have been underway for decades -- in particular, the decoupling between economic growth and the growth in raw energy consumption. But the Forum report details an important shift: This decoupling has occurred not just during periods of high prices for fossil fuels but also during lower periods.

For the Right, continuing to pollute as much as possible is an ideological statement; but energy is a business.

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