February 6, 2017


Paul Ryan hints that Trump may not be able to completely dismantle the Iran nuclear deal (PAMELA ENGEL, FEB 4, 2017, Business Insider)

"Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd asked Ryan whether he'd like to "see the beginnings of trying to get out of the nuclear deal," and Ryan replied that "a lot of that toothpaste is already out of the tube."

"I never supported the deal in the first place," Ryan said, according to an advance transcript. "I thought it was a huge mistake. But the multilateral sanctions are done."

Ryan said he doesn't think the government is "going to go back and reconstitute the multilateral sanctions that were in place."

"I think we should expend our effort where it can pay off the most," Ryan said. "And that's why I think what they're doing now does make a lot of sense. So I think the key is to rigorously enforce this deal."

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