February 24, 2017


In A Driverless Car World, The Reduced Traffic Will Save Us Billions (Ben Schiller, 02.24.17, Co.Exist)

The paper, published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, estimates that if California had cut congestion by 50% in 2010--a big if--it would have created 350,000 jobs, added $35 billion to the economy, and improved wages by $14 billion. The way the state could've done this, the researchers said, was by switching largely to driverless cars. Extrapolated to the U.S. as a whole, researchers Clifford Winston and Quentin Karpilow write that reducing congestion in this way could add at least $214 billion in GDP, boost labor incomes by $90 billion, and create 2.4 million jobs, likely in autonomous vehicle maintenance and customer service. (For those who doubt that AVs will create jobs and will instead just leave drivers unemployed, the researchers offer the comparison of ATMs, which were expected to put bank tellers out of work. In fact, bank teller jobs have grown and more bank branches opened since the 1990s.)

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