February 11, 2017


Wind Power Becomes Number-one Source of Renewable Energy (SARAH JASMINE MONTGOMERY, 2/10/17, Texas Monthly)

According to new information from the U.S. Department of Energy and the American Wind Energy Association, wind power production exceeded hydroelectric power for the first time in 2016. Wind energy is now the number-one source of renewable energy in the country, producing 82,183 megawatts of electricity.

As the cost of wind energy production continues to fall, companies are investing more in wind farms across the country, especially in Texas. Texas produces 20,321 megawatts of electricity from wind energy. That's one-quarter of the national total and triple the amount of any other state. There are 11,592 turbines across the state of Texas. That energy output is the equivalent of powering 5.7 million average homes. On average, Texans get about 13 percent of their power from wind energy.

On top of energy production, the growing wind energy market is creating a large number of jobs. The Department of Labor projected that "wind service technician" will be the nation's fastest-growing occupation. The wind industry currently employs almost 102,000 workers.

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