February 7, 2017


Trump Team Shuffles Lawyers in Hours Before Travel Ban Hearing (Greg Farrell  and Tom Schoenberg, February 7, 2017, Bloomberg)

Just hours before mounting the biggest defense of the young Trump administration, the Justice Department swapped lawyers.

The U.S. said the two top lawyers representing the U.S. would not take part in Tuesday's hearing, because of their past relationship with one of the world's biggest law firms, Jones Day. Instead, August Flentje, a longtime Justice Department lawyer, will argue the administration's case.

The lawyers who stepped aside worked until recently at Jones Day, which filed a brief on Monday opposing the administration's order to bar U.S. entry to people traveling from seven majority-Muslim countries. The executive branch doesn't have "unreviewable authority" to suspend the admission of a class of aliens, Jones Day argued in a brief on behalf of several constitutional scholars.

Based on the reporting, it didn't matter who presented Donald's execrable case.

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