January 20, 2017


Questions Over Truth Of Labour's Pro-Corbyn Membership Surge (Paul T. Horgan, Jan. 20th, 2017, Heat Street)

Based on Labour's boasts about its membership levels, Jeremy Corbyn should have had a Christmas no.1 single about him; the Corbyn-supporting Momentum's membership should be into six figures; and the CND, of which Corbyn is a vice-president, should be enjoying a membership revival to compare with its heyday during the Cold War.

None of this has happened.

Instead, Corbyn has suffered disastrous personal and party polling; election setbacks; a catastrophic relaunch; an MPs' 4-to-1 no confidence vote against him; the retirement of some of Labour's most experienced MPs to the back benches; and now two Labour MPs quitting Parliament within less than a month of each other rather than serve under him, with the promise of more to come.

Remarkably, despite all this, Corbyn's position as leader of the Labour Party appears secure. His supporters argue his leadership is validated by the massive mandate given to him by the party members.  Large numbers are reported to have joined Labour just to support him.

Labour politicians maintain that their party is now the largest in Western Europe due to this membership surge.  But when Heat Street submitted twenty-one detailed questions about Labour's membership recently, it refused to answer a single one, not even wanting to admit exactly how many members the party actually has.

...is that given a leader mouthing their ideology, they don't care how weak the party is.  Democrats run a significant danger right now of following this path to oblivion. 
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