January 19, 2017


Trump keeping 50 Obama administration officials (JORDAN FABIAN AND BEN KAMISAR - 01/19/17, The Hill)
Another top Obama administration official staying on is Adam Szubin, who oversees international sanctions at the Treasury Department. 
President Obama nominated Szubin as undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence in 2015, but he was never confirmed by the GOP-controlled Senate. 
Szubin, who has served under Obama and Bush, has been serving in his role in an acting capacity. 
A Treasury Department spokesperson said Szubin would "serve as acting secretary of the Treasury until a new secretary is confirmed and in place."
"At that point, Mr. Szubin will leave government service to pursue other endeavors," the spokesperson said.

The Chosen One : Meet Adam Szubin, Obama's point man to sell the Iran deal to Israel. (DAVID FRANCIS, AUGUST 28, 2015, Foreign Policy)

Three days after the United States struck a long-fought nuclear deal with Iran, Treasury staffers who worked to help clinch the historic accord gathered to celebrate. They met in the Cash Room, an ornate space inside the Treasury Department that once served as an internal bank, to regale a key tenet of the Obama administration's assumed foreign-policy legacy. The euphoria soon faded, however, and would be followed by weeks of skepticism from U.S. lawmakers and outright hostility from Israel, America's top ally in the Mideast.

The July 17 celebration was organized by Adam Szubin, acting Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes, according to two officials who attended the event. Szubin helped set up the Obama administration's crushing Iran sanctions. Now he's trying to sell the White House's case for lifting them.

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