January 25, 2017


WILL DONALD TRUMP MAKE IT A YEAR IN THE WHITE HOUSE? : Oddsmakers don't think so. And perhaps some on Capitol Hill agree. Herewith, a bettor's guide. (T.A. FRANK, JANUARY 25, 2017, Vanity Fair)

[B]ookmaker Paddy Power offers a 7:4 payout on Trump failing to complete his first term (i.e., seven dollars in potential winnings for each four dollars you bet) and 4:1 on his getting impeached during his first six months in office (versus 500:1 on Trump painting the White House gold). Many people don't just think it's possible that Trump will exit office early; they think it'll happen within his first year. We can't deny that it's daffy, but if people have the idea, let's entertain it. It's time for a bettor's guide.

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