January 5, 2017


U.S. taxpayers may end up paying for Trump's border wall with Mexico (MIKE MURPHY. 1/05/17, Business Insider)
President-elect Donald Trump may ask Congress for American tax dollars to pay for a border wall with Mexico, breaking a major campaign promise, according to multiple reports late Thursday [...]

According to CNN and the Associated Press, Trump's transition team has spoken with Republican Congressional leaders about the possibility of funding the wall through the appropriations process, using the authority of a law passed in 2006 under the Bush administration to build fencing along the border. Doing so would avoid having to pass a new border-wall bill, which would likely face heavy opposition by Democrats and many Republicans.[...]

However, if the 2006 law does end up paying for a new border barrier, it will more likely be an upgraded fence, not the enormous concrete wall that Trump touted during his campaign. Experts have said a wall that Trump has described, rising 40 feet and spanning almost 2,000 miles of rugged terrain, would cost tens of billions of dollars to build.

On the other hand, Mexico would have to provide the labor for the fence..

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