January 31, 2017


Democrats should shut down the government until Trump reverses his Muslim ban (Paul Blest, January 31, 2017, The Week)

President Donald Trump's immigration executive orders -- and let's call them what they are: a Muslim ban -- represent the first of many constitutional crises that are going to unfold in the Trump era. For Democrats, this has to be a line in the sand: Any and all cooperation with Republicans has got to end, at least until the executive orders are reversed and heads roll for the hell the Trump administration put refugees, immigrants, and their families through this weekend; ideally, all cooperation would cease for the next four years. [...]

[O]n Saturday night, the ACLU won a nationwide temporary injunction against the order from District Court Judge Ann Donnelly in Brooklyn; judges in Massachusetts, Washington, and Virginia also ruled against the order.

In an unprecedented move, however, Trump and his administration simply decided not to comply with the judge's order.

During DHS Secretary John Kelly's confirmation hearing less than three weeks ago, he won rave reviews from some liberals for his stated willingness to break with Trump on several issues; this, however, hasn't been one of them, even as a federal judge orders Kelly's agency to stop enforcing Trump's order. In a surreal scene, multiple Democratic congressmen at Dulles International Airport were unable to speak with Customs and Border Patrol agents, and on Sunday night, Sens. Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin of Illinois called for an investigation into the failure to comply with court orders.

A plea to my fellow conservatives: Stand against Trump's immigration order (Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Jan. 31st, 2017, The Weel)

I'll own up to it. For many conservatives, progressive tears are delicious. So many hysterics on the left have clearly decided that Trump is not just an adversary, but the capital-E Enemy. He is Darth Vader and the KKK rolled into one. These panicking liberals are melting down. So is much of the liberal-friendly media. And conservatives take a certain pleasure in that. I do. I admit it.

But none of this should blind conservatives to the truly bad things President Trump is doing. On these issues, it is incumbent on every true conservative to speak out. [...]

This order is also troubling because of the way it was implemented. The executive order was badly drafted, which suggests that its amateurish authors bypassed the White House Office of Legal Counsel. The order was issued without guidance, and on a Friday night, which led to chaos at airports, leaving local Customs and Border Patrol officials to essentially make up the rules as they went along, with no guidance from above. These snafus likely would have been avoided if the executive order had gone through the normal interagency process.

You don't have to fear a fascist coup to worry about an administration where people are just shooting from the hip all the time. If this is the regular order of doing business, the Trump administration will simply be a catastrophe.

Here's A Complete List of Republicans Who Don't Support Trump's Immigration/Refugee Executive Order (AARON BANDLER JANUARY 31, 2017, Daily Wire)

Numerous Republicans came out in opposition to the executive order or expressed serious concerns about the executive order.

Here is the full list of Republicans who don't support Trump's executive order.

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