December 26, 2016


Netanyahu goes to war with the world : His tactics on Thursday were a mess, and he now seems to be deepening the damage (David Horovitz, 12/26/16, The Times of Israel')

Israel has a solitary vote in the United Nations General Assembly, and no vote at all at the United Nations Security Council. Israel was annihilated in the Security Council vote on Friday that demanded an end to all settlement activity and that designated all the land that Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 war, which includes the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as "occupied Palestinian territory." The prime minister's hope is that he can stave off further, and still more devastating, potential diplomatic defeat at the hands of the outgoing Obama administration via a mixture of pleas, threats and boycotts. [...]

Tellingly, in remarks to the Saban Forum earlier this month, Secretary of State John Kerry left open the door to a US abstention: "There are any number of countries talking about bringing resolutions to the United Nations," Kerry noted. "If it's biased and unfair, and a resolution calculated to delegitimize Israel, we'll oppose it. Obviously, we will. We always have. But it's getting more complicated now..."

The administration insists, by contrast, in the words of deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, "We did not draft this resolution; we did not introduce this resolution. We made this decision when it came up for a vote."

There can be little doubt, however, that a number of very recent moves by Netanyahu made that abstention -- that decision by Obama, for the first time in his presidency, to allow an anti-Israel resolution to pass at the Security Council -- more likely.

Obama's UN envoy, Samantha Power, cited in her post-vote address the prime minister's recent delighted public claim that his government is "more committed to settlements than any in Israel's history." More specifically, she referenced the current legislative moves in Israel to retroactively legalize dozens of West Bank settlement outposts -- legislation that Israel's own attorney general warns is in breach of international law, and that Netanyahu had himself previously opposed.

Ultimately, an Israel that isn't Western isn't an ally. They just need to decide whether they prefer being an isolated racial regime to being a part of the Anglosphere.

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