December 27, 2016


Tesla, Panasonic deepen ties with tentative solar panel manufacturing agreement : The partnership is contingent on Tesla buying SolarCity. (MEGAN GEUSS - 10/17/2016, Ars Technica)

Sunday evening, Tesla announced that it would be partnering with Panasonic to create photovoltaic cells and modules at SolarCity's new Buffalo, New York factory--if Tesla's shareholders approve the company's purchase of SolarCity, that is.

Tesla currently has a partnership with Panasonic to help build its Gigafactory outside of Reno, NV, and manufacture batteries in it. Last year, Tesla announced its foray into stationary battery manufacturing, which it said was a natural extension of its electric vehicle business. The Gigafactory has just begun churning out batteries for Tesla vehicles and so-called Powerwalls (7kWh stationary batteries for residential use), as well as battery systems for industrial use, which Tesla calls the Powerpack.

Panasonic has decades of experience building photovoltaic cells, and Tesla says if the SolarCity deal goes through, Panasonic will start manufacturing in the Buffalo facility sometime in 2017. "Tesla intends to provide a long-term purchase commitment for those cells from Panasonic," the electric vehicle company said in a press release.

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