December 11, 2016


Tina Brown: 'The Trumps look like a Kardashian Camelot' (Rachel Cooke, 10 December 2016, The Guardian)

On the night of the US presidential election, Tina Brown was at a party hosted by Snapchat deep in liberal elite Manhattan. There she was, gossiping away, when her husband Harry - aka the celebrated journalist, Sir Harold Evans - appeared. "I was holding a plate of sushi," she says, in a voice that is eight parts brisk Home Counties to two parts twangy Upper East Side. "He said: 'Things are going very badly for Hillary.' Well, that was the end of the chatting for me. After that, I was glued to a screen in a corner." Was she expecting what happened next? "No, none of us were. Though it's fair to say that every time I saw Trump walk across the stage with the family, I thought: my God, they look like the Kardashian Camelot. Beautiful girls married to good-looking guys; the big patriarch with the private plane. I mean, it's Dyyy-nasty. That is a show people want to watch. Do they want to watch a show with the Clintons earnestly discussing healthcare? No, they don't. They want a show about making it."

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