December 31, 2016


Next Christmas That Swiss Watch You Covet Could Be 3-D Printed (Corinne Gretler, December 15, 2016, Bloomberg)

When the spindle broke off his wife's sewing machine, Michael Sorkin refused to replace the device. Instead, he bought a 3-D printer and built the part himself.

Four years later, he's using the technology to change how to make the Swiss watch you might get for Christmas.

On a rainy afternoon in Sorkin's company's dimly lit office in central Berlin, an employee in a white lab coat checks on the progress of six cubes tinted in see-through orange. A laser silently slices resin, layer by layer. Formlabs' product: 3-D printers. Interested customers include Swiss watchmakers and jewelers, which are quietly testing the process's potential.

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