November 17, 2016


US homelessness declines: What's working? (Amanda Hoover, NOVEMBER 17, 2016, CS Monitor)

A report released Thursday by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) shows a striking reversal of the problem, with chronic homelessness declining 7 percent in the past year, marking a total 35 decline percent from the 2007 rate. The overall homelessness rate saw a 3 percent decrease, although rates in cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., were up. In each of those three cities, the homelessness rate this year saw a rise from between 6 and 21 percent.

What do some cities know that others don't?

The decreases nationwide, especially those involving chronic homelessness, come in part thanks to a push for permanent housing options rather than temporary placements that are no longer seen as a good path to getting people "back on their feet." Communities, such as Boston, that have explored supportive, long-term options have seen more of their vulnerable citizens thrive, and some say an expansion of that plan could eradicate the issue of homelessness entirely.

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